About Katherine's K9s

Katherine’s K9s was founded in 2017 by Katherine E. Tehrani.  We are a positive reinforcement pet care company, providing service in the Shaker Heights neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio.  Our care is based on three principles: Bond. Teach. Integrate.  We believe that building a relationship with your pet is our first priority.  When your pet learns that good things happen when Katherine’s K9s staff pull up, they BOND with us, allowing our team to provide top-notch care.  Our staff is trained to TEACH your pet the routines and expectations of each service.  Even though your pet has learned many things from you, pets, especially dogs and cats, don’t extrapolate well.  We don’t assume your furry friend knows what we expect, so we spend time teaching him or her our routines and all of the fun things we get to do together!   

After BONDING with and TEACHING your pet, we introduce INTEGRATIONS.  Again, a pet may know to do something, but in certain circumstances that may be very challenging (think sitting when a squirrel runs across the sidewalk for dogs, or coming out from under the bed during a thunderstorm for cats)!  This gentle approach is effective and has made us many four-legged friends for life!

Thanks, Katherine -- we just love your updates and care of Auggie!!!”

— Lisa

Katherine helped us out for 5 days when our regular walker was out of town. When she came for the meet and greet she was very much interested in our dog, asked relevant questions and took detailed notes. Our dog was very comfortable with her from the beginning. Will definitely use her again.”

— Michele