Daily Services 

If you need care while you are at work, or for days when you will be away from home for extended hours, or in the case that you need additional support for your pet(s), we provide the following services: 

Dog Walking

Regular exercise and routines are so important for dogs. That’s why Katherine’s K9s offers dog walking services. Whether your dog needs a shorter 30 minute walk each day while you are at work, or a longer 45 minute or even 60 minute walk to burn off extra energy, we provide reliable service to meet your needs. Coming home to a dog that is relaxed and well exercised makes your day simpler, and who doesn’t want that? And if your dog needs only occasional walks during inclement weather, or for events and other times you need to be away, we can handle that, too! 

In-Home Visits

Need an occasional dinner feed, potty break, or check-in for your pet?  Look no further! This service is ideal for puppies who need frequent breaks, but aren’t ready for long walks. It’s also helpful for older dogs who need a few potty breaks throughout the day. Any pet can benefit from an in-home visit during feeding time or when the family is away for a larger part of the day. 


  • 15-minute visits (cats and dogs): $14

  • 30-minute visits (cats and dogs): $19

  • 30-minute walks (dogs): $22

  • 45-minute walks (dogs): $29

  • 60-minute walks (dogs): $37