Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a professional pet sitter?

As a professional pet sitting company, Katherine’s K9s is a member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters.  Through our affiliation with this organization we receive ongoing education opportunities, professional networking, and the latest information on pet sitting in the United States.  We also have formalized processes in place for requesting and viewing appointments and we provide emailed service notes complete with pictures for every service.  These extra steps set us apart from hobby sitters, and allow us to give you peace of mind when you have to be away from your pets. 


Is Katherine’s K9s bonded?

Yes, Katherine’s K9s is bonded and insured. Certificate of Insurance is available upon request.   


What types of pets do you care for?  

Katherine’s K9s cares for dogs in an in-home boarding program.   


What is KK9 doing in regards to COVID-19 safety?

Katherine’s K9s knows that your pet needs care, even during a pandemic!  We take precautions to ensure we are still providing safe and effective care.   Please see our section dedicated to COVID-19 protocols for more information. 


How do I sign up for service if I’m a new client? 

In order to get started with service you’ll need to create an account in Time to Pet.  Please send us a message and Katherine will get you started right away! 


How do I schedule or cancel services? 

Services are scheduled in Time to Pet.  Once you have created your Time to Pet account you will be able to create your own service request.


How do I make payment? 

Payments can be made by logging into your Time to Pet account and clicking “payment.” 


Should I tip for boarding services? 

Payment for boarding service is divided in several ways.  A portion of your payment goes to replenish treats, toys and dog beds, as well as for lawncare and outdoor toys for your dog's enjoyment. Your payment also helps with maintaining the services you have come to enjoy, such as Time to Pet and our website.  And finally, payment pays a stipend to Katherine for services.  While not expected, we appreciate tips as a way to help us know you've enjoyed your service!


My pet requires medicine, can your pet specialists administer medicine? 

Yes!  We are trained to provide basic routine medical care.  If you have a specific question about your pet, please send us a message with more information.


How much advance notice do you require? 

We always try to accommodate requests as they come in.  Holidays and summertime tend to be more busy than other times of year.  Please reach out to us as soon as you know you need service and we will do everything we can to support you! 


Do you work holidays? 

Yes!  Katherine’s K9s is open 365 days a year! 


What type of methods do you use when boarding pets?

Katherine’s K9s uses positive reinforcement training methods. These methods align with our bond, teach, integrate philosophy. We believe that animals learn best when they are taught specifically what humans would like them to do. Our primary tools for working with animals are affection, treats, and verbal rewards. We build lasting memories by providing your pet with positive incentive and encouragement.