Why Should You Choose Katherine's K9s? 


The Katherine’s K9s Way 

Katherine’s K9s was founded on the belief that every pet deserves to be loved and cared for just as we care for our own pets.  For that reason we focus our service on each pet’s specific needs, working in partnership with clients to understand and implement the best care while you are away.  That’s why we use Time to Pet. That way, all of our walks are GPS tracked, and our service notes are time-stamped.  And it’s why we LOVE taking pictures of your pet to go along with each service note we send to you!  When you hire Katherine’s K9s we promise to build a relationship with you, your family and your pets.  It’s the Katherine’s K9s way! 


Choosing a Professional Company 

When choosing a care team for your beloved pet, it’s important to hire a professional company.  Katherine’s K9s is a registered business in the state of Ohio, and we are bonded and insured.  In addition, Katherine’s K9s is a member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS).  

Who will be caring for my pet(s)? 

Katherine’s K9s takes a team approach, which is made possible by hiring employees.  Unlike independent contractors, our employees are trained in-house, and have direct oversight and ongoing training to ensure they are prepared for any situation that may arise while caring for your pet(s).  We create in-depth service steps for every client and our employees are trained to follow those steps .  As our client, you will have a designated primary and secondary care provider so that your pets have consistent, reliable service.  Each of these team members are thoroughly vetted, background checked, and trained to give you peace of mind. 

What is Loose-Leash Walking? 

Walking a dog isn’t as easy as it seems!  We’ve all experienced a dog running wildly at the end of the leash, threatening to take down anyone in its path.  Dogs are different from humans in that they don’t experience the pull of the leash as inherently negative.  That’s why teaching them to walk on a loose leash is hard!  Katherine’s K9s staff is trained to use positive reinforcement methods to teach each client dog to walk on a loose leash.  Our walkers carry delicious treats (our or yours) and we use games and repetition to teach your dog the basic tenets of walking on a loose leash.  This type of walking is easier on the dog’s neck and back, and promotes a relaxed, comfortable walking experience for both dog and walker.   

Does Katherine’s K9s work with cats? 

Don’t let the name fool you - Katherine’s K9s provides caring service for kitties, too!  We provide daily visits while you are away (multiples per day as needed), and we make sure there’s time for snuggles and playtime for your cat(s).  We work with rescues and cats who need extra TLC.  Our philosophy: Bond. Teach. Integrate works well with cats, too and we pride ourselves on getting to know each kitty’s personality!